No wind is fair  for the lost skipper...


Knowing your precise business goals is the stepping stone for success.  

Working with your senior management we assist you to determine your business focus and strategy for mid and long terms. Then together with your management team, we identify critical processes and correct key performance indicators with the  highest impact on strategic business results.

highest waves  rise on silent waters.

Not all areas for improvement are readily visible... 

Diagnose® is a scheduled, step-by-step approach in which we, with your team, identify business-viable areas open for improvement and create a prioritized pool of projects by utilizing and applying systems thinking, basic Lean tools and data analysis procedures.


Don't give the man a fish, teach him how to fish.


Trainings aim  to create a Continuous Process Improvement baseline by covering fundamental principles and tools of Lean process management, continuous improvement philosophy, and the data-based problem-solving approach.  During the implementation of selected projects  participants will be coached/mentored by our consultants in every step to guarantee project success. Instant usage of knowledge and skills acquired in training helps to gain experience with the content. We also offer online Remote Project Coaching.


Excellence is an art of habituation.


Have you ever, systematically improved a demanding process, beyond what you thought was impossible initially?

With our one to three days workshops, tailor-made for your focus area and your industry. Our consultants will guide you step by step into and out of a very demanding situation so that you can get introduced to the methodology and sense the feeling of success of achieving excellent results with your team against changes in business requirements. 

Not the ship, but the preparation, crosses the ocean.

With our program, we seek to create a self-sustaining Continuous Improvement System in your organization. Improvement pace must be kept on with recurring “waves” and gradually advancing tools and projects. during the  program, a Project Office will be structured with processes and routines, suiting your organization; managing data based problem solving and process improvement projects with proven tools.