Process improvement activities are investments that will increase the capacity utilization, profitability and revenue of your business in the short and medium term. As with any investment, the solution investments of Operational Excellence projects are expected to provide organizations with a satisfactory return on investment (ROI) . In this approach, we suggest a two-step path:




Check-Up® establishes the relationship between the strategies of organizations and business results. It is a study where processes are analyzed using proven scientific and technological methods and the OpEx Road Map is created based on these analyzes. The duration of Check-Up® may differ depending on the size of the organization and the complexity of its processes.


From Check-Up ® you will get the following results:


  • By determining the Critical Processes and Critical KPIs that have the most impact on your strategies and costs, you focus on the right processes and areas to improve.

  • Your improvement opportunities are revealed on the basis of these critical processes.

  • The financial impacts of your Improvement Opportunities (current losses and expected benefits) are determined.

  • Your prioritized Improvement Opportunities List is prepared by considering strategic importance, contribution to wastes, cost of improvement and expected benefit.





After the projects are selected at the end of the Check-up®, the second step called Roll-Out is starts. Roll-Out can take two different forms:

- Project Leadership Approach : In this approach, our consultants act as project leaders in the advancement of the projects determined, and the people appointed from your organization will provide technical and implementation support to these projects.

- Training and Coaching Approach : In this approach, projects are carried out under the leadership of the employees of your organization, who receives detailed training on continuous improvement tools. Our consultants provide periodic coachings to these employees.


* You can click the link for some sample cases.