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Robotic Process Automation Training with BluePrism-Online

Today, when working away from our field of work is a must, you can automate the manual work you do on computers with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with software robots, 5-day online training where you can start reducing your operational costs within a week.
Robotic Process Automation Training with BluePrism-Online

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Today, when working away from our work area is a must, you can automate the manual work you do on computers with Robotics Process Automation (RPA-RSO) with software robots, 5-day online training where you can start reducing your operational costs in a week .




A very important part of our time is spent in front of computers. Here too, many software created for our use facilitates our work, but manual processes are still used for the transfer of information between software.

For example, you open a pdf file of an invoice that comes with an e-mail in the morning, and then enter the informations such as date, amount, and sender on the invoice with the copy and paste method . You need to enter your password every time you start the software. In this way, we may have to enter some information between 3 different software over and over again.

Here Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the most popular digitalization applications of recent years, which has made a significant progress to enable this kind of manual work done on computers by software robots. In this way, you can reduce many operational costs in a short time. So what processes can be automated with RPA?

  • Copy paste operations
  • In cases where there is a business rule, fulfilling the business rule (receiving offers from 3 suppliers for each purchase)
  • Purchase of tickets such as flights and hotels
  • Production planning
  • Entering bank loan documents into the system

RPA technology is a new and continuously developing technology capable of significant efficiency increase , error prevention , cost reduction and flow acceleration in organizations where software based work and data flows are supported by manual workforce. With the current technology, RPA conversion opportunities are evaluated to reach 82% in processes that require manual processing.


As a result of the training, you will learn the application areas of Robotic Process Automation and gain robot programming knowledge in practice.

This training will be provided on the basis of BluePrism software. You can review our trainings for other softwares by clicking here.


BiLiG OpEx has adapted its over 15 years of experience in process improvement to the RPA field for the last five years;


Choosing the right processes and RPA tools with the RPA-Check Up method,

· Improving the pre-application process,

· Prevention of bottleneck in the process after application


As an organization providing consultancy services with experts who are experienced in fields such as banking , insurance , energy , health , tourism , call center , logistics, production , it is your right business partner for this training.




With RPA Training, it is aimed to ensure that participants can program RPA in their organizations without help with their own teams. The training prepared on the basis of Knowles' 4 Principles for Learning is as follows:


  • Process Studio
  • Process Flow
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Business Objects
  • Object Studio
  • Exeption Management
  • Work Queues




Employees of organizations that want to operate their processes more efficiently and quality by automating manual processes performed in software based work and data flows.

· People who want to do something about digitization but do not have coding knowledge

· People who want to create a different income source model and provide RPA programming services to organizations

Can participate.




With this training, you will grasp the logic of Robotic Process Automation, which is one of the leading business improvement applications in the world, and you can program RPA robots on your own.




The training scope includes BluePrism's RPA Developer Foundation topics. At the end of the training, BluePrism RPA Developer Training Completion Certificate is given to the participants who meet the conditions. The internationally valid certificate can be obtained by taking the exam through UiPath's only approved certification channel. Education provides preparation for this exam.




Training Period: 5 days

Education Type: Open to General Participation

Maximum number of participants: 10 participants


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