We present the world's only self-financing digitalization solution Digi-Check-Up ® .


What is DIGI-CHECK-UP ®?

Digi-Check-Up ® is a self-financing digitalization system in which all processes / infrastructure and human factors that operate in order to achieve business results are analyzed using proven scientific and technological methods to create the Digitalization Roadmap.

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Research * on digitalization brings up four main issues:


  • Organizations are aware of the need for digitalization

  • They need a clear strategic and operational direction on digitalization

  • Management level is expecting a method / tool set for digitalization

  • They expect this method and tool kit to provide solutions that provide acceptable return on investment (ROI).

* You can see these researches in our article published at the 2019 ETMS Summit. (page 245)

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  • Only invest in the digital technologies you need.

  • You will see the detailed current digitalization levels of your processes.

  • You can see the appropriate technological solution alternatives

  • By seeing the benefit / cost (ROI) analysis, you decide to invest in the most appropriate technology.

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Digi-Check-Up ® is offered to clients by largest technology integrators. You can find some sample cases from different sectors below.


The most critical issue detected by Digi-Check-Up ® in an organization that manufactures for the automotive industry with CNC machines was the technical errors in the drawings prepared by R&D. These errors included topics such as:


  • Incorrect transfer of measurements

  • Writing unsuitable teams


on the drawings. Since there were no intermediate controls, if the mistakes made were not detected by the operators could have resulted the product to be scrapped.


The following proposal was made to resolve the issue in the R&D phase:


  • Using a DfX software to compare the errors on the drawings with global and company standards during design phase and correct the non-conforming entries