BiLiG OpEx was founded in the UK in 2015 with the aim of providing solutions to business problems with current methods and digital technologies in the field of Operational Excellence and revealing and evaluating opportunities for improvement.


Our founding partners have enriched their nearly 20 years of process management and continuous improvement experience, gained as consultants  in world's leading companies, with the requirements of the digital age Industry 4.0, Iot, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence approaches.

Since 2015, Bilig OpEx, has been providing services for its global customers, in the Turkic Republics, Middle East, South Asia and Turkey. BiLiG OpEx is a solution provider for the services below:

  • Operational Excellence: Consultancy and training services to eliminate factors such as inventory, quality and efficiency that affect your organization's profitability.

  • Digitalization: Providing self-financing technological solutions for your organization's needs.

  • Innovation: Consultancy and training services for reinterpretation of existing processes in a way to increase profit and market share

You can review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for summary information about our services. Also on our Blog / Vlog page, you can access detailed blogs and videos of these topics.

Our article titled “ A Proposed Methodology for Process-Based Digital Transformation Road Map: Digi-Check-Up® ”, published under the guidance of Istanbul Technical University and presented at the 2019 International Engineering and Technology Summit, which puts process improvement and digitalization approaches in a concrete and holistic perspective. It's been found particularly important by digital solutions providers and our team has been adopted as the single solution partner by Turkey's largest digital integrator.


As well as learning and developing and serving the use of knowledge for the benefit of industry and humanity with the pride and happiness of sharing them with our customers we will be pleased to be at your service .

You can use the form on our contact page and our social media accounts to reach us.